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In light of recent events, I sincerely hope that you and the people close to you are safe and well. With COVID-19 having reached a significant impact on our lives and on our economy, we all face substantial challenges.

For a B2B content agency like ours, a lot has changed. We have reshuffled the main activities and revised how we could be of help in the best possible ways, in light of the new challenges our clients are facing: maintain business continuity in a crisis-mode.

We have re-prioritized our services, with the focus on the followings:

1. More agile client support.
We realize that these days a lot of pivoting is needed: forecasts, budgets, the context for content development and messaging are all changing.
At Contentim, being a mid-sized, B2B focused agency, we want to stay as close as possible to our clients and adapt to the hectic agendas in an agile way.

2. Cost saving – via efficiencies
In spite of hectic pivoting, we want to maintain content consistency – respecting both budget efficiencies and brand consistency.
At most of our clients, we push for efficiencies, by more content re-purposing. For our clients we propose to focus on one topic at a time and try leverage across different content types: for example, taking a message and then develop that in non-gated and gated content types: white paper, case study, infographic, animation, LinkedIn article, etc.. Re-purposing content as much as possible – this way it’s faster for the copywriters and the creatives to create new content from the same theme, while staying consistent.

3. Accelerated introduction of 2 innovations.
With limited or no trade fair related actities in the near future, B2B companies are in search for new possibilities to present their products and innovations to their (often niche B2B) target audiences. We aim to facilitate that via 2 innovative solutions.
a.) accelerated introduction of our AR and VR technologies. AR and VR can help partially replace f2f product demonstrations.
b.) accelerated introduction our B2B influencer program. With f2f channels disrupted and some other channels have less focused reach and mixed engagement scores, (i.e. trade media, social media channels), we have developed a targeted B2B influencer offering to target at niche B2B segments.

On the business operations side, we would like to reassure you that our team is operational and works safely. With home-office and social distancing measures at our teams in Switzerland, Hungary and in the UK, all team members are doing well and have necessary tools (online connections and computer capacities) to do the B2B content development work we are passionate about and committed to. We are commited to “flatten the propagation curve” and overcome these challenges together!