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We have special content generation and subject matter expertise with engineering and science companies, markets and products across several industries:

  • Electric vehicles
  • Photovoltaic (construction, green energy, sustainability)
  • Refrigerant gases
  • Packaging, biobased plastics
  • Chemicals and specialty chemicals
  • Oil and gas (off-shore drilling)
  • General manufacturing
  • Industrial Lubricants
  • Pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturing
  • Food and agriculture
  • Ingredients
  • Safety and protection
  • Automotive industry (turbo chargers, insulation materials)
  • Semiconductors
  • Paper mills
  • Industrial bakeware

We are also familiar with a range of sustainability-related topics, such as REACH compliance, EU Green Deal, recycling and compostability, selective waste collection, VOC-related regulations, F-gas regulation, etc.


B2B organizations have powerful stories to tell their audiences and potential clients, about products, services, values, capabilities, value chain partnerships and achievements. But it is often a challenge to turn these stories into a constant flow of high-quality content for your communication channels, with consistent, tailored messaging plus a clear call-to-action. Our team increase your marketing capabilities by quickly putting these stories to work for your business – mapping, sourcing and planning content that counts.


Working closely together with industry-leading B2B companies and brand teams, we have developed some innovative services.

During the pandemic or in case of travel restrictions, remote is the only way to connect. We have developed a leading-edge platform for online events to maximise team engagement, fun and interaction – far beyond the experiences the standard conference call solutions can offer.

While working on these events, one of the hurdles we noticed was the limited time of our customers to have their important PowerPoint presentations ready on time, in great quality and with a strong impact.

Our PowerPoint brush-up service allows for boosting the impact of your presentations by a state-of-the-art layout.

Finally, our new 3D animations capabilities help engage with your audiences using impressive, animated videos.


Looking for content that builds your brand, creates thought leadership and generates leads? We develop campaign ideas and concepts, key visuals, technical copy in multiple languages for free and gated content, design infographics, white papers, eBooks and more. Everything we do engages your customers and differentiates you from the competition.


In B2B online marketing, target markets are often very niche, and getting your content in front of the right audience is a challenge. We specialize in strategically publishing and targeting content across social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) and also through the use of influencers.


Content development is an important investment. We help you measure the impact and turn data from your analytics platforms into actionable insights.


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