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Management and Business Development

Founders and Management

founder, ceo

Zoltan Nahoczky

As a former B2B digital marketing manager, the biggest challenge Contentim founder Zoltan experienced was consistently creating a timely stream of engaging, helpful content for audiences. Finding an agency with the right capabilities to support him was not always easy.

And so, Contentim was founded in 2017 with a mission to deliver creative, engaging, and effective B2B content across multiple digital channels. Our diverse team has a track record of success on both the client and agency side and a committed focus on getting results for a broad range of international clients.

Zoltan is a seasoned strategic marketing professional with hands-on experience in leading digital transformation in global roles. He has a successful track record of over 20 years in B2B with clients such as DuPont, Kevlar®, Nomex®, and B2C; Coca-Cola, and Bristol-Myers Squibb. He has led projects in marketing, digital marketing transformation, project management, business development, and product management.

As an entrepreneur, he aims to create a team of professionals who can help deliver superior value and services in B2B content creation, assisting clients to better cope with digital marketing challenges.

“Why am I passionate about working with our clients? There are two main reasons. The first is because of the many new ways we meet and exceed their needs. Contentim was founded to achieve a simple goal: to become a trusted partner of B2B marketers with tech and science-based offerings, being able to create better tech or science content faster.

Since the company’s foundation, it has been a pleasure to see how we have expanded our capabilities and served a broader set of client needs. We have repeatedly proved that we can develop visually impacting and high-quality campaign materials such as infographics, whitepapers, 2D and 3D animations, videos, eBooks, and LinkedIn content.

It has been exciting to evolve client relations to a strategic partnership level, delivering projects such as long-term brand and communication strategies, online events, and building web app tools.

The second source of joy is seeing my colleagues grow in number, professional expertise, and responsibilities. I love that our team is international and multi-generational with fascinating skill sets. I am proud of how we learn from each other and our customers. Which gives me much confidence as we continue our path to growth.”

creative director

Claire Jones-Hughes

Claire is a creative and content strategist with over two decades of experience working with global healthcare, B2B and FMCG companies; client and agency side (Novartis, Merck, Thornton & Ross, Sea Band and Fisherman’s Friend).

During the last decade, she has been wholly dedicated to digital, leveraging successful online communications campaigns which have seen impressive reach and engagement levels.

She combines technical and digital behavioral knowledge, with creativity and the desire to help clients innovate to drive relevant engagement for brands plus acquire new audiences and generate quality leads.

“Being a geek at heart, I love the challenge of taking highly technical messages about the operations and technology behind everyday life and positioning it for relevant audiences. I like to get under the skin of the customer and find out what their real pain points are and develop content that strikes at the heart of that emotion, calling them to confidently and comfortably take action.”

business development director


French native Matthias studied agriculture and ecology, after which he moved into a career in project management. He quickly led successful projects, then into senior roles managing teams in various locations but based in Switzerland. But Matthias found the most passion in Business Development, developing large, international key accounts into flourishing partnerships. At Contentim, he keeps his finger on the pulse of our client needs and creates touchpoints with prospects to check on how we can meet their content campaign needs.

“For me, developing collaborative business relationships is the key to success in B2B marketing. The joy of working with our B2B clients is continually learning the latest technologies and scientific applications across various sectors. I thrive in this culture of innovation and enjoy matching skills between clients and Contentim, so we can amplify and engage audiences to generate quality leads together.”

Content Team

B2B content marketing strategy, technical copywriting, social media, and influencer program.

technical copywriting


“For me, marketing is not just the science of sales, but the art of bringing people together. In the B2B sector especially, content can sometimes be dry and mechanical – ignoring a very pertinent fact: a business is more than just bricks and mortar – it is a collection of regular people. I see my role as bringing products and services to life through engaging, thought-provoking storytelling, connecting personally with the individual decision-makers within every target company.”

consulting projects and storytelling expertise


“I find it particularly interesting helping to enhance B2B offerings. Often, I find that companies have a too narrow view of their value proposition and struggle to address their customers both as companies and as people. Carefully crafted messaging, based on a deep understanding of their target audience, has a strong impact on their sales.“

b2b strategy


“Working on the B2B communication of the figures of the science-based industry has its tolls. One of those is being able to watch how our world gets built in real-time. The particles most of us never think about, the materials of the objects we use every day, and the temperature in the common spaces handling the biggest traffic – all seem to be banal and given. Until you have to explain how they were made. Then they became true marvels.”



“Writing for B2B is constantly stimulating. Every brief has its own challenges and I’m always learning about new subjects, sectors, products – and the issues and pain points that need to be addressed. I’m also passionate about creating personal connections through copy, never forgetting that every B2B client is a person who needs to be talked to not as a company, but as an individual.”

technical copywriting


“Complex products and services rarely speak for themselves. And while their intrinsic features and benefits are well understood by those working within the
innovative companies that produce them, some businesses can struggle to articulate and promote their product proposition effectively to the outside world. In
that regard, my mission is to help them tell their story clearly and convincingly.
For me, it’s all about finding engaging ways to demonstrate how our clients make their customers’ lives easier, more efficient, more economic, more
competitive. I love working with B2B clients in order to discover interesting angles and new insights for creating compelling narratives around the benefits and
features of their offerings. It’s also amazing to find out about the intricacies, science and engineering behind their products. Products that I hitherto had simply
taken for granted. I continue to learn that many of these are nothing short of magic!”

technical copywriting


“Working on B2B animated video can be challenging as we aim at remaining creative and out of the box, but in the same time, we need to respect the special rules and constraints the B2B markets dictate. But that’s why it’s so exciting. In the same time, B2B technologies and solutions are so impressively advanced, it’s a great pleasure and privilage to work with them.”

competitive analysis, content strategy


“B2B marketing is becoming an increasingly creative space to work in and the sector continues to transform itself through new digital capabilities. I love to get under the skin of a business and its challenges, working closely with key decision makers to work at pace and get things done.”


Graphic design, video, animation and web design

senior art director


With over 20 years of professional experience, Senior Art Director, Fecó, leads our design and media teams. His principal responsibilities are developing creative concepts, visualizing them, and coordinating the team to execute them. He leverages his broad range of experience with digital and print campaigns in different verticals to deliver innovative, quality creative for clients.

“As an environmentally conscious person, I like to work with brands that consider sustainability and the circular economy. Working with such premium, leading brands with clear, consistent brand identities and communication goals is fun. This is how we develop great quality visuals and creatives for our clients.”

graphic designer


Adam has over 10 years of experience in various design environments, from digital to print. His primary objective is to deliver visual solutions that fit the campaign brief and the customer’s brand guidelines.

 “I am particularly enthusiastic about collaborations that involve working with creative individuals to create designs that are not only effective but also visually stunning. For me, it’s about crafting exceptional designs for products or services, whether for social media platforms or printed materials.”

graphic designer, copywriter


Supporting the team with graphic design, copywriting, and proofreading, Fiona works on delivering effective visual and written communication materials. She aims to apply her skills as effectively as possible to help deliver value to clients who produce sustainable and innovative solutions in their industries.

“It’s exciting to collaborate as part of agency and client teams with a shared vision, using creative problem-solving in a forward-thinking market and adapting to new trends and technologies.”

motion graphics designer


Dávid uses 3D visual thinking to bring stories to life for our clients. His role is to animate scripted stories that can cut through to the audience on rapid digital feeds. He constantly looks at new technologies, including AI, and how agencies can apply the functionality to push creative limits.

“Our clients are continuously addressing future challenges for their industries. This energy for innovation inspires me to look at how we can push marketing communication tactics into the future. Combining the message with the aesthetics. For me, this is B2B animation.”

video production


Gabor’s wide range of video production and editing skills makes him a vital asset for location and event shooting. He has a keen visual eye for the world around him, ensuring that briefs and scripts are realistic and achievable to get the desired results.

“It’s been a fascinating experience capturing different technologies and systems on camera for our B2B clients. I enjoy visually crafting stories that help audiences see the way the world works behind the scenes of our every day life. ”

Account Management

Account management with hands-on strategic and operational (digital) marketing experience in B2B and B2C industries

senior account manager


Yasmine brings over 10 years of experience in advertising and marketing to the team. As well as focusing on day to day delivery of campaign items, she also takes a strategic view of customer relationship management, processes and efficiencies plus the quality of outputs for clients.

“Our clients’ solutions are often the magic behind our world today, innovating science-based knowledge for a sustainable future. Successful marketing is about connecting with people on a deeper level, regardless of the B2C or B2B distinction. I enjoy using my experience to bring a fresh perspective to B2B campaigns, leveraging the power of storytelling and creative content to create meaningful connections and drive business growth. It’s an exciting journey, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.”

account manager


Bogi’s role as an account manager revolves around building and maintaining strong relationships with clients and ensuring each project runs smoothly and successfully. She focuses on understanding the evolving customer needs, ensuring we meet them in the best way possible. She also consistently seeks opportunities to show clients new perspectives and ideas for their B2B campaigns.

 “I thoroughly enjoy working with Contentim’s knowledgeable and innovative clients. They foster professionalism with their interactions and a collaborative and efficient working environment. Their clear communication and well-defined objectives enable me to effectively manage projects and deliver successful outcomes that ensure smooth project execution, allowing us to meet deadlines and exceed expectations. This working environment is truly rewarding, and it fuels my passion for content campaign project management. And I look forward to sharing this enthusiasm every working day!”

account executive


Anna is part of the project management team as an account executive, she is responsible for overseeing project executions and nurturing client relationships. She coordinates campaign activities with the clients and our internal team to ensure successful project delivery. Thanks to her previous experience in event management she has strong combination of organizational skills and a strategic mindset.

“Collaborating with our clients brings an opportunity to work together with industry leaders, to learn from their expertise, and to form impactful partnerships that can lead to joint success. Being an account executive is a dynamic role where I can use my organizational skills and witness the tangible results of my efforts in the business world.”

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