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Partnership, Content Delivery

We develop winning digital content strategies that deliver tangible results.

We do this with...

  • A strategic B2B marketing approach across multiple platforms
  • Dynamic content to generate high engagement
  • Powerful brand stories
  • Global, multilingual and cultural expertise

What types of problemsWe Help Solve

Problem Solving
  • "How can we target our niche audience better
    and improve the ROI of our marketing channels?"
    Marketing Manager
    A food ingredient maker company
  • "We need new ways to engage our customers.
    How can we create an effective virtual sales enablement environment?"
    Digital Change Manager
    an ingredient maker company
  • "We have a lot of relevant knowledge within our organisation for our customers. Can you help us turn this into a relevant, continuous flow of digital content?"
    Marketing Leader
    chemical industry
  • "We have invested in fantastic digital marketing tools, as we see the potential to grow our business. But we struggle to find time and resources to execute — can you support some of the work streams?"
    Marketing Leader
    chemical industry
  • "We need new contacts and more leads for our sales team. How can we generate these using digital content?"
  • "Can our digital marketing be more effective to support the launch of innovative new products in our pipeline?"
    Marketing manager
    a software developer company
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Together we can...

Increase your digital marketing capabilities
Digital teams are under pressure to deliver dynamic content, which means digital to-do lists are getting longer and internal resources limited. We bring expertise in at the right time to maintain effective results while keeping costs under tight control.
Produce quality, targeted content which generates the right response
Our experienced team quickly understands your needs and strategically develops content solutions to achieve your goals. Our media production team works to a high standard on content such as branded assets, infographics, animations and videos.
Increase customer engagement to generate leads and grow sales
In the B2B world, customers increasingly turn to digital sources as part of their decision-making journey. We help you understand this journey, building a robust and relevant content strategy across multiple platforms, such as websites, email, and social media

What we do


Content strategy and
B2B campaign development


Content sourcing,
mapping and planning


Content production


Content distribution



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Zoltan - Founder and managing director

Our particular expertise is technical content for the B2B scientific and industrial sectors.

We have built a team with versatile, proven content marketing skills. We believe that creating engaging content activates the customer experience to drive relevant business leads.

We work fast and can adapt to changes. Many of the team have worked on the client side; so, we understand internal approval processes, where projects are proneto change while still requiring the end result to be a success.

The team works virtually and flexibly across multiple regions and time zones. We have daily contact with clients based in North America, Asia and EMEA. Plus, our work practice is fully tech-optimised to streamline communication and file sharing.

Your success is our success — the Contentim team upholds this value on every project for every customer.

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