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What is the key ingredient for a successful marketing campaign? 

A strong brief 

In 5 simple steps  (Plus one bonus step)

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1. Define the target audience 

  • Who are we targeting with the campaign? 
  • What is their responsibility in the purchasing decision-making process? 
  • What is their role in the value chain? 
  • What are their pain points? 

2. Set goals and expected impact 

  • What is the overall objective: awareness building, thought leadership, lead generation, or other? 
  • What is the expected result we want to achieve with the campaign? 
  • Are there specific, measurable metrics we must hit? 
  • What do we want the target audience to feel from the campaign and related assets? 

3. Outline key messages

  • What do we want the audience to learn or feel from this campaign?
  • What are the primary messages for our audience?
  • What other supporting or secondary messages should we include?

4. Develop a channel strategy

  • Which marketing channels are best to promote the campaign to the target audience? 
  • What types of content should be distributed on each channel? 

5. Create an execution plan

  • What assets will be delivered and when? 
  • What is the final budget? 
  • What contingencies are there for timing and budget deviation? 

Bonus: insights

  • What market research is available or can we do before the campaign? 
  • How can we use ai for audience research and creative brainstorming?
  • What insights are available from previous campaigns? 
  • What can we learn from research and insights? 

Download our complementary briefing template here