Boost your engagement among core audiences using the power of influencers.

75% of B2B buyers and 84% of C-level/vice president (VP) executives surveyed use social media to make purchasing decisions. [source]

With online content playing such an important role in the purchasing decision, the trusted content from an influencer or thought leader expert provides a cost-effective, faster route to decision makers compared to other types of content.




The key to a successful influencer campaign is a strong and detailed brief. We work with you to develop clear project communication and a framework from which influencers can confidently produce relevant, compliant content, on time.


Using a unique influencer search methodology and existing professional network we shortlist candidates with audiences relevant to the brief and objectives. This can also include working with internal teams, stakeholders, supply chain partners and even customers to leverage their digital influence.


Contentim implements the administrative checks and balances to ensure content is delivered against the brief.


Our expert team supports influencers to effectively publish content, providing training and detailed instructions where needed.


We measure the output of each piece of content, adopting an agile approach to maximize reach and engagement.