Target with digital precision with programmatic B2B communication solutions

Get your message in front of your key prospects using the latest in ad targeting technology.
With a sharp decrease in face-to-face opportunities, the B2B industry sector needs more creative avenues to snag business leads.

Our programmatic solution combines account-based marketing (ABM) and IP targeting technology to place tailored digital communications in front of key, high value prospects.




We build a list of the key accounts you want to target with a particular messaging campaign.


Our creative team designs an impactful story that solves your customer’s problem with your value proposition.


The filters on the programmatic platform are finely tuned to reach the relevant teams.

How is it different from LinkedIn targeted ads?

Better reach it works when the user actively visits a websites

Job title

Reaching other decision makers at the target account

ABM Account targeting & analytics

ABM IP targeting & analytics

Transparency on performing accounts

Optimizing performance during the campaign

Case study

The challenge

A global MedTech company approached our team wanting to cut through the crowd and reach the key accounts.
Our client had an idea of the kind of companies they wanted to target, but they didn’t know which were most interested and engaged with their brand and product offering.

The task

Our team was tasked with identifying the key accounts, and then using Account Based Advertising (ABA) to target them, building brand awareness and driving engagement.
We mapped each account and identified their IP address. Then, we developed personalized ad campaigns for the accounts and used IP targeting to place them in front of the right companies.

The result

We increased engagement by 76% and time spent on landing pages by 50% vs other campaigns the company had used. Out of 300 accounts targeted with the campaign, 7 became “sales ready” and 2 major opportunities locked on.