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For products and services with a higher level of investment and, therefore, a longer sales cycle, patience is key in B2B marketing. This does not mean we cannot design sophisticated marketing lead-generation paths. The revered “Rule of 7” concept still needs to be considered, especially when you consider a day in the life of a B2B decision-maker.

What is the “Rule of 7”?

This principle suggests a prospect needs to encounter your brand message at least seven times before they really notice it and take action. But in an age where attention is fragmented across devices and platforms, how can integrated marketing campaigns effectively engage potential clients?

How do B2B decision-makers consume content?

Imagine the daily grind of our archetype B2B decision-maker, Alex. The alarm clock breaks the silence of dawn, and as Alex commutes to the office, there’s a routine consumption of content: skimming through the news on a smartphone, catching up on the latest industry podcast, or flicking through LinkedIn notifications. Each touchpoint is an opportunity for brands to make an impression, yet it’s the consistent and integrated messaging across these channels that will etch a brand into Alex’s memory.

Once settled at the desk, emails pour in. Amidst the clutter, only the most relevant and well-crafted messages stand out. Here’s where precision targeting and personalization come into play.

Throughout his working day, Alex might encounter a myriad of B2B marketing content forms: social media explainer videos, webinars, white papers, or infographics shared by peers. The work environment itself becomes a content consumption space where the Rule of 7 could subtly unfold. 

Creating quality experiences for customers

Integrated campaigns shine by creating a cohesive story across all these mediums. When Alex checks a social media feed, a cleverly placed sponsored post from a familiar brand appears. This isn’t the first encounter. It’s the third, following an insightful article and a targeted email. Each piece of content, each touchpoint, is a thread in a larger tapestry that builds brand recognition and trust.

The Rule of 7, in today’s digital-first world, does not mean seven emails or seven ads. It signifies a blend of quality interactions that provide value and relevance. It’s the webinar that answers a burning question, the case study that illuminates a solution to a pressing problem, and the timely tweet that resonates with the day’s challenges.

As Alex powers down for the day, reflects on a productive workday, and perhaps scrolls through a tablet while watching TV at home, the interactions with various brands culminate. The ones that will be remembered offer consistent, valuable engagement across all platforms. These integrated campaigns create a symphony of touchpoints that harmonize with the daily rhythm of content consumption, making the Rule of 7 more than a guideline—it’s the blueprint for visibility in the cacophony of the digital age.

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Claire Jones-Hughes

Claire Jones-Hughes is the Creative Director responsible for client campaign strategy and marketing communications.